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Why is styling your family for a photo session so stressful? If you’ve ever had family photos taken, then you know that planning out what everyone is going to wear is probably the hardest part! As a family photographer, one of the main questions I get from so many clients is, “What should we wear for family photos?”

Pinterest is great for getting ideas, but let’s be real… sometimes real life is not very pinterest-worthy. At least thats true at my house anyways! My kids wear Christmas PJs all year long, and have strong opinions on what they will and won’t wear for special occasions. So how do those pinterest families get it together and have everyone looking so nice and coordinated in their family photo sessions??

Well- I have a few tips for you that just might help. You will be on your way to styling your whole family to get those beautiful coordinated family photos that we all want and love!

Tip #1: Mama’s pick your outfit first.

It is so overwhelming to go through everyones closet, pulling out the best of the best and trying to coordinate the whole family. I recommend starting in one place first- YOUR closet. I always tell moms to wear something you love and feel great in, because we want you to feel relaxed and confident in what you choose to wear. So start with your own outfit, shoes and accessories, and then you can pick everyone else’s. Once you have an outfit that you are happy with, it will help narrow down the choices for everyone else.

Tip #2: Choose coordinating outfits for everyone else.

I like to recommend staying away from perfectly matching outfits. Instead, pick colors and tones that compliment each other. Try sticking with a certain theme, like neutrals, cool tones, or greys and whites. Usually, a color palette with 3 or 4 colors for most of the outfits works really great- don’t forget your outfit is the base for these colors. A good rule of thumb is to avoid neon or super bright colors- they don’t always photography the best, and can just be distracting from the pretty faces in the photo.

Tip #3: Mix in textures and patterns.

Don’t be afraid to mix in some patterns and textures to add some more dimension and character. Just remember, Less is More! Don’t put everyone is polka dots and stripes…that would be way too busy. Try blending tones with a touch of a coordinating pattern and different textures, like linen, corduroy, cotton, and denim. Stay away from clothing with logos, characters, or anything printed on them. We’re aiming for simple and comfortable!

Tip #4: Don’t forget accessories and your environment.

Be aware of the location of your photos, and try to pick tones that will work with the surroundings. For example, greens and beiges may not be the best choice for a grassy field- you may blend in with the surroundings. Neutrals are usually a safe choice! Also, don’t be afraid to bring some fun accessories… A cozy throw, a cute hat or even some flowers.

Tip # 5: Get everyone involved.

Let your kids be involved in the process to help them get excited about taking pictures. Pick 2 or 3 outfits that could work, and let them choose their favorite. We want them to be excited because that will lead to better photos in the end! When it comes to your family photo session, comfort is SO important. We want everyone to feel good and look their best, so don’t overthink it or put your kids in outfits they would never wear. We want the photos to reflect everyones true personalities, so above all else… keep the clothing comfy and simple!

I promise picking the outfits is the hardest part! I will handle the rest… now let’s get you some cute photos!!

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May 23, 2023

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